School Uniform Policy



The prescribed school uniform must be worn on all normal school days. All uniforms must carry the school badge. Children who do not wear the correct uniform to school may be sent home, kept out of lessons or prevented from taking exams until they have changed into proper uniform. Children who persistently infringe uniform rules may be excluded from school.


Basic Uniform

Girls wear blue tie-dye dresses and boys wear blue tie-dye shirts and navy blue shorts. Shirts must be worn tucked in.

Sweaters should be blue and plain. Multicoloured sweaters and sweaters with logos are not permitted.



Plain black flat shoes or black sandals. No other colours of shoe are allowed.

Flip-flops, high-heeled shoes, boots or flimsy sandals are not allowed.

Plain white socks; coloured socks, patterned socks or socks with logos are not allowed.



Girls are allowed to wear small ear studs or sleepers. Boys are not allowed to wear any earrings.

Bracelets are not allowed except for one ‘Lam’.

The following are not permitted: -

Finger rings, ankle chains, brooches or badges other than the school badge, dangling earrings.


PE Kit

This is to be worn for PE only.

House colour shorts, Marina International School ‘T’ Shirts

Girls are allowed to wear cycling shorts (knee tights) under their PE shorts.

Training shoes or plimsolls may be worn on the day when PE is taken but not on other school days.





Long hair should be tied back. All ribbons, slides and hair fasteners should be blue.

The following are not permitted:-

Wigs or hairpieces, activated jerry curls, Rasta braids or hair extensions.



Boys are not allowed to wear long hair, braids or ponytails.

Shaved hair patterns are not allowed.



No make-up or coloured nail polish should be worn to school.



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