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 Pan African Robotics Competition  2017 PARC 2017 was very successfull and we have learned much on how to improve it for next year. Special thanks to teams from Mali and Gambia. Highlight from PARC2017 can be found here: & 2018 Championship will be held in Kigale (Rwanda) alongside the Next Einstein Forum. However we want to organize regional PARC tournments in various African countries (i.e., Senegal, Nigeria, etc.. will have their own PARC tournment); top teams out of these countries/league/regions will meet in Kigale for PARC2018 championship finals in late March. PARC 2018 will be open to middle school, high school, and university teams. The Theme for PARC 2018 has yet to be decided, a few ideas floating around are "Transforming Health Care" , "Engineers within borders" , and "Lighting Africa" just to name a few. Feel free to suggest other topics as we make preparation for PARC 2018. More updates will be provided in the very near future. Communication from Dr. Sidy Ndao   



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