Pastoral Care

Pastoral CarePastoral Care in Marina International Junior School caters for the holistic educational development and ethos of pupils and staff through PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education). We have pupils from different countries with a wide range of ethnic backgrounds. Therefore we aim to provide a high standard, child centered education in a safe supportive learning environment in which respect for multicultural and interfaith values are highly promoted. Our mission statement clearly states the ethos of the school.Pastoral care also aims to bring in a solid coordination between the teachers handling the pupils in the classroom, the parents and the pupils themselves while creating a Home-School synergy that can cater for every pupil in the school whatever their abilities, whatever their needs and limitations are.Pupils with Learning Support are identified and assessed as early as year one and these reading international immediately linked with the Coordinator who works closely with the teachers and parents ensuring that additional support is available for pupils as necessary. Ways of communicating with parents include letters, emails, Parent Teacher Forums, phone calls, text messages and face to face meeting.Pupil’s thoughts are valued and each contribution in the form of good project work, questions and answers, effort and an excellent class work a pupil does is considered with value to promote self-esteem and confidence. Thus pupils are rewarded accordingly in the form of house points which when accumulated up to six points; the pupil is rewarded with a merit certificate which will be given during weekly Monday assembly.On the contrary Bullying is unacceptable with zero tolerance. Therefore discipline and responsible behavior are encouraged by occasionally reminding pupils during assembly, Circle Time sessions and through anti bulling posters which they see around the school. If it occurs, it is dealt with promptly and effectively, empathizing with the victim and reprimanding/education/sensitizing the bully.PSHE embodies moral and cultural values, cultural diversity and appreciation of the different faiths for better co-existence and respect for diversity and cultural. Our children are sensitized at this tender age to respect and difference in Humanity.    At the same time, positive attitude, assistance to others, Good behavior protecting school environment, etc is rewarded with Good citizenship certificate.




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