The Curriculum:  Marina International High School offers the British Curriculum and prepares students for the following Cambridge International Examinations:       (a)                Cambridge Checkpoint:-   Form 3 (Year 9).(b)                Cambridge International General Certificate ofSecondary Education (Cambridge IGCSE):  Form 5 (Year 11).(c)                Cambridge International Advanced Subsidiary Level (Cambridge International          AS Level):  Form 6 (Year 12).(d)                Cambridge International Advanced Level (Cambridge International A’ Level):      Form 7 (Year 13).  The following subjects are mandatory for all students in Forms 1, 2 and 3: ·        English Language·        Literature-In-English·        French·        Mathematics·        Science·        Humanities (Geography and History)                                                                                    ·        Design and Technology·        Art and Design                                                ·        Information & Communication Technology (ICT) ·        Music·        Physical Education (P.E.)      ·        Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)                                                                                  PSHE is a non-academic subject and is therefore not examinable but very important.  It teaches students about the significance of good moral behaviour, how to be helpful at home, how to avoid negative peer group influence and lots more.  Physical Education (P.E.)is also not taken into consideration when categorizing student’s into 'Distinction' &'Merit' etc but is graded. However, as students proceed to Form 4 or Year 10 (the beginning of IGCSE curriculum proper), they are allowed to offer a minimum of eight subjects. In order to qualify for the International Certificate of Education (CIE) certificate, students must pass in a minimum of seven IGCSE subject, including at least two from one and (at least) one from each of groups 2,3, 4 and 5 as listed below: A.   Group One - Languages*    English as 1st Language*    English as 2nd Language*    FrenchB.   Group Two – Humanities and Social Sciences*    Economics      *   Sociology                  * Geography*    History            *   Literature-In-English  Please note that it is compulsory for students who choose English as a 1st Language to do Literature-In-English as well. C.   Group Three – Sciences*    Biology       *    Chemistry         *   Physics D.   Group Four –   Mathematics*    Mathematics (Core and Extended)      *   Further Mathematics                                                E.   Group Five – Creative, Technical and Vocational*    Accounting*    Art and Design*    Business Studies*    Information & Communication Technology (ICT)*    Design and Technology*    Physical Education*    MusicStudents in Form 3 (Year 9) who wish to offer Further Mathematics in Form 4 (Year 10) should not score below 75%   (on average) in Mathematics in both the Mid-Year andEnd-of-Year Examinations.   Students who are newly admitted into Form 4 from other schools who wish to offer Further Mathematics are required to produce their recent progress reports from their previous schools.




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