Approach to Teaching

 KEY STAGE 2 (5& 6)APPROACH TO LEARNINGThe approach to learning in Years -5 & 6 is closely linked to the need for teachers to evaluate progress or compliance with main objective of the school; effective teaching learning.Teaching and Learning are enhanced by teachers through:·         Establishing what learners already know and building on it.·         Structuring a challenging and enjoyable learning experience.·         Making the children active partners in their learning.·         Expanding /Exploring concepts while sharpening skills thought. creative/Expository writing.   STRATEGIE FOR EFFECTIVE LEARNING IN YEARS 3 - 6Some strategies adopted by teachers to ensure effective learning include:·         Sending list of topics to be covered for each subject to parents at the beginning of the term to ensure consistency in the learning process both in the school and at home.·         Cluster planning of lessons based on objectives from the scheme of work that identify the skills and knowledge needed to be taught explored through the key stage.·         Communicating learning objectives to pupils at the start of the lesson and reviewing progress against these objectives regularly, both during and at the end of the lesson·         Planning interactive lessons that are carefully structured and differentiated to meet the need of various learners.·         Using effective questioning that develop pupils’ thinking analytical skills·         Giving opportunities for independent and collaboration work during lessons. This involves using demonstration from shared whole-class and group work to independent application of what has been learned including research/projects at home or in class and asking them to present their findings, which are displayed for other children to share.This impact a lot on the children as they as they feel gratified and inspired to do more research.




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