Application Process and Forms

Applications for admission in the Marina International School, The Gambia should go through the following steps:

1. First Contact
Interested parties may get in touch with the Admin Office Mr Nuha Touray; E-mail:; Phone number:00220 4449376 for more information and to set up a meeting with the corresponding Head of Section.

2. Initial Meeting
The Head of Section will meet with the parent(s) to answer all their questions about the school and its programmes. The application form may be filled out during this meeting. A meeting with the Finance Manager may also be set for tuition fee inquiries.

3. Application Approval and Enrolment
The completed application form will be endorsed by the section head -The Head Teachers (HS or JS) for final approval. Upon final approval, successful applicants will receive a Welcome Letter to signify their admission to the school.

4. Tuition Fee Payment:

uccessful applicants may already proceed to pay their tuition fees at the Accounting Office of the MIS.

5. First Day of School
An orientation seminar for new parents and new students will be scheduled during the first week of school to inform them of the school's policies and expectations. This will also allow our new students/parents to get more information about the day-to-day life at the Marina International School, The Gambia.



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